Production management systems

As a company with many years of experience, we provide the highest class systems that supervise the technological processes. The main goal of our work is to increase stability and improve production efficiency, and thus to increase the quality of the final product and reduce its manufacturing costs.

The main functions of the software we create:

  • process control,
  • alarming, 
  • collecting current data and measurements,  
  • data visualization, 
  • data archivization,
  • reporting, 
  • overall production supervision.

Systems and services:

SCADA and HMI panels

In our implementations we use the systems:

  • Wonderware InTouch, 
  • Siemens WinCC, 
  • iFIX,
  • Citect SCADA.

We migrate systems, prepare visualizations from scratch, and make changes to existing ones, adapting them to customer needs.

Customer benefits:

  • supervision over the technological process,
  • data exchange with a PLC controller – in real time,
  • displaying information on the screen in a readable form,
  • alarm signaling and management,
  • simplification of the procedures for operators,
  • increasing control over individual machines and the entire production line.

MES Wonderware System

We create modern production management systems for continuous monitoring and obtaining information in real time.

Customer benefits:

  • monitoring of production processes,
  • access to information on machine performance,
  • tracking information on the real time of machines operation,
  • control of the OEE indicator,
  • optimization of production processes,
  • possibility of immediate reaction to undesirable phenomena occurring during production,
  •  identification and registration of downtime,
  • collecting information about products and their genealogy.


  • We create reports tailored to individual customer needs, presenting data in the most useful configuration.
  • We make standard reports containing simple calculations and key performance indicators calculated on the basis of collected data.
  • We prepare reports using ready-made tools, such as SQL Server Reporting Services, and create our own web reports.

Customer benefits:

  • full access to data,
  • possibility of analyzing the information received,
  • help in drawing conclusions from the data obtained,
  • easier supervision of production.

What makes us distinguished?

We have experience in creating production management systems, including in the food industry, bio-waste management, chemical industry and slaughterhouses.


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Elbląg 82-300, ul. Antoniego Czuchnowskiego 6
tel centr. +48 55 307 09 00

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