Electrical installations and control cabinets

The ARA Group provides comprehensive electrical installation and industrial automation services in the following categories:

  • electricity,
  • automation, 
  • pneumatics.

The installation includes full service including cable routes, connections, PE, measurements and I/O tests. Over a dozen years of experience, over 2,000 completed projects and a wide team of specialists mean that the company provides high quality services while maintaining competitive prices.

In addition, the company specializes in making cabinets:

  • power, 
  • control,
  • object. 

Cabinets are manufactured as part of comprehensive automation installations entirely implemented by the company team, as well as separately, according to the author’s design or in accordance with the design provided by the customer.

In order to ensure high quality and short delivery time, an innovative line is used in the production of control cabinets, including:

  • laser machining station, thanks to which the edges of machined holes are perfectly smooth, without having to remove unevenness,
  • cable prefabrication station, preparing and surrounding elements automatically in accordance with PN-EN61439,
  • stations for cutting channels and support rails, enabling optimization and reduction of technical waste related to prefabrication, which minimizes production costs and also reduces the impact on the environment,
  • a virtual factory allowing pre-testing of the final product, even before its implementation, but under conditions that reflect a real technological installation.


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Elbląg 82-300, ul. Antoniego Czuchnowskiego 6

tel centr. +48 55 307 09 00

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