The offer includes all types of measurements of switch cabinets and electrical installations. The company’s employees have the necessary permissions, as well as devices that allow carrying out: technical measurements, switch cabinet measurements and tests, operational measurements: – resistance and continuity of PE connections,– HV AC, HV DC high voltage insulation resistance,– short circuit loop […]

Repairs and modernization of the line

In response to customer needs, the ARA Group offers repairs and modernization of existing installations and technological lines. The following services are performed: inspections, consumption analysis selection of substitutes, delivery and assembly of delivered elements, retrofitting devices with additional automation and safety systems, adaptation of positions to new legal requirements, optimization of devices in terms […]

Robotic stations

The ARA Group offers a wide range of robotic stations. The proposed technologies enable, among others: palletizing and depalletizing products palletizing mix of different unit packages on one pallet, segregation and sorting. Grippers are used in solutions designed by ARA specialists: mechanical,   vacuum,  hybrid. The company also performs positions dealing with: machines, e.g. press brakes, […]

Production management systems

As a company with many years of experience, we provide the highest class systems that supervise the technological processes. The main goal of our work is to increase stability and improve production efficiency, and thus to increase the quality of the final product and reduce its manufacturing costs. The main functions of the software we […]

Programming and Helpdesk

The Ara Group has been implementing projects in the field of automation control systems for many years and ensures the complexity of services rendered, which includes: PLC Programming the ability to adapt to a given PLC programming environment creating driver programs, including Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, Rockwell, creating programs from scratch or making changes […]

Electrical installations and control cabinets

The ARA Group provides comprehensive electrical installation and industrial automation services in the following categories: electricity, automation,  pneumatics. The installation includes full service including cable routes, connections, PE, measurements and I/O tests. Over a dozen years of experience, over 2,000 completed projects and a wide team of specialists mean that the company provides high quality […]


The basis of the solutions provided is complexity, which is why the ARA Group successfully implements advanced projects in the field of: electrical installations,  low voltage electrical switchgears, pneumatic installations. The company’s employees emphasize the high quality of services rendered.  The implemented projects comply with the PN-EN61439 standard, and the development of solutions is carried […]

Research and Development Centre

The company’s mission is to adapt the solutions offered to the changing requirements of customers, as well as the development of technology. For this purpose, the ARA Group has created a Research and Development Centre in which the company’s specialists work on innovative solutions in the field of robotics and industrial automation. Thanks to the […]