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The ARA Group provides innovative and comprehensive services in the field of automation and industrial robotics, which aim to improve the efficiency of production processes. The company was founded in 2002. Initial activity focused on the food industry, in particular meat processing plants, dairies and breweries. In further years, the company expanded its implementation by further industries, such as the fat and fuel industries, waste utilization, and treatment plants.

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The world and technology are changing rapidly. To keep up with them, you need to consistently follow the latest technological solutions in various fields. Therefore, with our clients in mind, we constantly improve our qualifications. We have created a Research and Development Centre in which we work on solutions specially dedicated to industry and automation.

Attention to detail

In order to ensure high quality, for the production of control cabinets, we use a technically advanced machine park, which includes, among others, automatic wiring prefabrication stations, laser machining and an automatic tightening system for bolted joints according to the torque specified by the manufacturer.

Building long-term relationships

A returning customer is the best proof of a well-done service. A large number of clients appreciate our work, which is why we are pleased to boast of completed projects in over 18 countries and cooperation lasting continuously for 10-15 years.


To meet the expectations of the market for our contractors, we have created a wide range of services, from design, construction of electrical installations, building control cabinets and programming, through robotization and programming support. We provide security and assistance at every stage of our projects.


We perfectly understand that each industry is different and non-standard problems require an individual approach. That is why our solutions are not off-the-shelf solutions. Each project is well thought out, designed and adapted to the requirements and specificity of the conditions prevailing in a given plant or project.


We are constantly improving the level of services rendered, which is why we systematically train our employees. In our team we will find specialists in project management, OHS, environmental protection, internal auditors HACCAP, ISO 9001: 2015, and the documentation provided by us is transparent and compliant with CE and the Machinery Directive.

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ARA Przedsiębiorstwo Automatyki Przemysłowej

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ARA PAP oddział we Wrocławiu

ul. Kobierzycka 10, 52-315 Wrocław


ARA PAP oddział we Wrocławiu ul. Kobierzycka 10, 52-315 Wrocław wroclaw@arapap.com.pl

ARA PAP oddział we Wrocławiu

ul. Kobierzycka 10, 52-315 Wrocław


ARA PAP oddział we Wrocławiu

ul. Kobierzycka 10, 52-315 Wrocław



82-300 Elbląg, ul. Antoniego Czuchnowskiego 6

tel centr. +48 55 307 09 00

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ARA Industrial Automation Enterprise Limited Liability Company (ARA PAP) implements a project co-financed from European Funds entitled Establishment of the Research and Development Centre for innovative solutions in the field of robotics and industrial automation.

The aim of the project is to develop the research and development activity of the ARA PAP company and carry out R&D works that will result in the development of highly innovative technologies in the field of robotics and industrial automation, which is fully in line with the assumptions of the Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of Eastern Poland until 2020.

The result of R&D work of the ARA PAP LLC will be innovative solutions in the field of robotics and industrial automation.

Project value: PLN 6,691,200.00

Project co-financing from the EU: PLN 3,808,000.00


ARA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION ENTERPRISE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is implementing a project entitled Increasing the competitiveness of ARA PAP on foreign markets co-financed under the Operational Program Eastern Poland, Priority Axis 1 Enterprising Eastern Poland, Measure 1.2 Internationalization of SMEs.

I. Aims of the project

The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of ARA PAP on foreign markets by implementing a business model related to the internationalization of operations. The work leading to the preparation of the aforementioned business model was carried out in August 2018 by an external consultant which included the indication of target markets, analysis of the current business model of the enterprise along with a proposal of changes in terms of internationalization, recommendations on reorganization of the enterprise and development of the concept of entering a foreign market.

The Applicant’s main export services are services in the field of design and implementation of systems that automate production processes. Target foreign markets that will be the export directions of the Applicant’s offer are: Italy and Russia.

II. Planned effects

The implementation of the project will be a response to the need to develop the enterprise by entering the Applicant’s foreign markets, and thus expanding the group of recipients of its product range.  As a result of the project implementation, the Applicant will acquire reliable trade partners on target markets, increase brand recognition and thus gain end users on foreign markets. Strengthening the market position, and thus the increase in sales will allow the company to undertake further development activities.

III. Project value

Total expenses: PLN 952,971.00

Eligible expenses: PLN 783 300.00

IV.  Contribution of European Funds

Co-financing amount: PLN 665 805.00