ARA GROUP industrial automation

Innovative solutions

Our experience is the fruit of many completed projects, which always meet the high demands of our customers.

Below, in alphabetical order, we present an abbreviated list of companies in which we have carried out works


  • Amber Brewer in a non-operational PKP.
  • Belgium brewery in Kielce.
  • Dojlidy Brewery.
  • Faxe Brewery, Denmark
  • Kalnapilis Brewery, Lithuania
  • Brewery Cormorant Olsztyn.
  • Lech brewery in Poznań for the Promus companies SP. z o.o.
  • Łomża Brewery.
  • The brewery Van-Pur in Rakszawie.
  • Żywiec group-all breweries.

Water and beverage producers

  • Dodoni, SP. z o.o.
  • Hana Water-Saudi Arabia
  • KentPol Crystal Żywiec in kęty.
  • Kofola SP. z o.o.
  • Ekoland Maspex Tychy.
  • Matres Revco.
  • Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Poland SP. z o.o.
  • Taya SP. z o.o.
  • Tymbark-GMW SP. z o.o.
  • Zywiec Zdroj S.A. prod. in Jeleśni.

Dairies-mainly for the Gea Group

  • Hochland in Węgrowie.
  • Laktopol SP. z o.o.-Suwałki.
  • Dairy farm in Sudan within the framework of the project "DAL for Dairy Sudan".
  • MSM Mońki.
  • OSM.
  • OSM Włoszczowa.
  • S.m. Mlekovita.
  • S.m. Mlekovita.
  • S.m. Spomlek in Radzyń Chełmiński.

Other producers in the food industry

  • Algida-production plant in Baninie.
  • Buhler GmbH.
  • Dr. Oether Łebcz,
  • ElstarOils S.A. in Czerninie.
  • Jamar,
  • Jongerius Technology NV.
  • Greengrow,
  • Masfrost,
  • Katoen Natie Poland SP. z o.o.
  • Nestle Namysłów

Petroleum industry

  • Bio S.A. in Malbork.
  • ElstarOils S.A. in Czerninie.
  • Lotos S.A.-ZUT Elstar SP. z o.o.
  • Orlen S.A. for Promus SP. z o.o.

Other industries

  • Biogas Nord
  • Biopax-WBWW SP. z o.o.-waste water treatment plants.
  • Huppman AG-technological lines for brewing.
  • Inco-Veritas S.A.
  • Jarex Grajewo,
  • NGK Gliwice,
  • OCME S.r.l.
  • Philips Lighting Poland S.A. Kętrzyn-manufacturer of lighting.
  • SNP Uśnice SP. z o.o.-the processing of the blood.
  • Sonac Australia for Promus

Contracts with:

  • Group,
  • Animex group for Sonac Uśnice,
  • Sidel s. r. l,
  • SNP Sonac Uśnice,
  • Slaughterhouses in Polish and German for Sonac Uśnice (including min. Pini Polonia Kutno, Duda S.A., Prime Food)