ARA GROUP industrial automation

Innovative solutions

Our experience is the fruit of many completed projects, which always meet the high demands of our customers.

ARA group, responding to a dynamically growing market demand for the introduction of industrial automation and advanced control systems and production management, decided to create a new Department under the name of AMT.

Location in the capital of Pomerania has allowed to collect in one place the ambitious and competent team. We are a young, full of strength and energy group of programmers, which features primarily professionalism. With the passion and commitment we outsourced the tasks with a view to project success mainly and customer satisfaction.

We make the broader development projects including:

  • Programming of PLC.
  • The implementation of modern production planning and management systems class mess.
  • Create an application for visualization and control of production processes.
  • Programming of industrial robots.
  • Permanent technical support.